Copenhagen Day 3: Rosenborg Castle, Botanical Garden and SMK (National Gallery of Denmark)

December 15, 2019


Have you checked out Day 1 and Day 2 and been following my Copenhagen journey? Today I am sharing with you what I did on the third day which was also my last day. Luckily, the rain stopped and I finally had a sunny (and dry) day! I had a simple soft-boiled egg with rye bread and butter (don't know why but Scandinavian bread is always so damn good) for breakfast, along with a latte of course, at Atelier September. Grabbed a seat outside and people watched a little before heading over to Rosenborg Castle which was just up the street.


We walked through Kongens Have (The King's Garden), also known as Rosenborg Castle Garden, which is the country's oldest royal garden. One of Christian IV's many architectural projects, Rosenborg Castle was built in 1606 in a Dutch Renaissance style. From the outside, Rosenborg Castle looked beautiful and otherworldly. The inside, however, was a mix of extraordinarily ornate motifs and eeriness. Don't get me wrong, every room was decorated from ceiling to floor in great details and it was stunning, but something about that place felt slightly eerie. Perhaps because there weren't many windows so it was rather dark and also the excessive amount of portraits throughout the castle seemed as if I was being watched. Regardless, Rosenborg Castle is still a must-see attraction in Copenhagen!


Next up... Botanical Garden! Even though it is across the street from Rosenborg Castle, make sure you know where to go! Don't make the mistake like I did and walked in the wrong direction all the way around. If you are standing at Rosenborg Castle and the Botanical Garden is north of you, go left to the intersection/street and the entrance is half way up that block. I was really excited about the Botanical Garden because 1) I love plants 2) I've heard amazing things about the Palm House. The Palm House was built in 1874 and it has these beautiful cast iron spiral stairs that lead to the passageway at the top. Honestly, I'm not sure how I manage to get all these shots given the fact that my lens was fogging up literally every two seconds. You see, it was at least 80°F inside the Palm House while the temperature outside was in the 50s. My camera did not like that drastic change and therefore trying to take any photos was nearly impossible! I was wiping the lens with my dress and shooting as quickly as I can before the lens fogged up again. I was sweating and melting from the humidity and every few seconds a dew would drop on my head or my face from a plant hanging over me. I want to share this because what you see in the content I create often look glamorous and fun but you never truly know the story behind it. Truth be told, being in there was not pleasant but I had to do what I had to do in order to take these photographs...


We grabbed a quick sushi lunch nearby and then off to our last main attraction of the day which was also nearby - The National Gallery of Denmark or Statens Museum for Kunst in Danish. This museum collects, registers, maintains, researches and handles Danish and foreign art dating from the 14th century to the present day. The collections constitute almost 9,000 paintings and sculptures, approximately 240,000 works of art on paper, and more than 2,600 plaster casts of figures from the middle-ages and the Renaissance. My favorite part of the museum is the beautiful space/ courtyard where old meets new. On one side, you've got the original museum building built 1889-1896 in a Historicist Italian Renaissance revival style. On the other side, it's a large modern extension erected in 1998 to house the extensive modern art collection.


The evening quickly approached and we stumbled upon this very Wes Anderson esque building as we headed to the other side of town for dinner. It was all shades of pink and orange and the sunset made it even more beautiful and coincidentally a pink train just happened pass by as well. What a scene! We had dinner at Kiin Kiin Bao Bao which was essentially Asian fusion tapas. It was so tasty!!! Not to mention the restaurant has the chicest aesthetics too! It was over in the fun Vesterbro neighborhood which has tons of hip bars and restaurants!


So there you have it, my 3 days in Copenhagen! Again, you can check out Day 1 and Day 2 blog posts as well as this comprehensive 3 Days in Copenhagen travel guide! Thank you for following along!

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