Copenhagen Day 1: Torvehallerne, Rundetårn, Gråbrødretorv and Strøget

December 7, 2019


It's been 20 years since I first set foot in Copenhagen, Denmark and honestly that didn't really count since I only spent a few hours there while traveling from Germany to Finland. I've been wanting to go back ever since but somehow always ended up in Paris (I've been to Paris four times). Not only was my best friend going to be there, I also had a bunch of Norwegian Air miles I needed to use by the end of the year... so I guess I'm gonna go to Copenhagen!

I caught my red-eye out of LAX and quickly landed at CPH in the early afternoon. I thought I only slept for 2 hours or so but when I woke up during my flight, 6 hours had passed. That never happens!!! The seat next to me was also empty so this trip was already off to a good start!

I arrived at my Airbnb at ease after a simple train ride and short walk. To my surprise, it was so much more lovelier than in photos! Spacious, beautiful Danish decor, and a balcony! I snapped a few photos while I waited to meet up with friends.


First stop, TorvehallerneTorvehallerne is a food market hall in the city center with everything you can imagine! Local produce, gourmet food, dessert, coffee, wine, etc. We hunted down Hija de Sanchez because this popular Mexican restaurant recently opened up a stall at Torvehallerne. After we chowed down on some amazing tacos, we grabbed a coffee from The Coffee Collective and began walking toward the Rundetårn (Round Tower).


It was fun climbing up the Rundetårn which was built in the 17th century in central Copenhagen and it is currently the oldest functioning observatory in Europe! The section of stairs leading up to the roof/observatory deck was especially narrow and fun (unless you are claustrophobic) and the view from the top was stunning!


There were a lot of awesome things to do on my list but I was most anxious to see and capture the beauty of Gråbrødretorv. Located not too far from the Round Tower, Gråbrødretorv is a colorful square what Italians would refer to as piazza. Buildings in the most beautiful warm tones (my favorite palette) all lined up perfectly on a cobble stone street with a fountain in the middle. It was raining so no one was there, hence it was extra magical!


We meandered our way through different alley ways and reached Strøget, a pedestrian, car-free shopping area in the old city of Copenhagen. Even if you don't want to shop, this is must-see area because of the beautiful architecture and tiles. I also recommend heading up to HAY House because it has the most perfect view of the square! We caught the most dramatic sunset and then off to dinner at the oldest restaurant in Copenhagen - Krogs.


Krogs Fiskerestaurant, located on Gammel Strand just a couple of blocks from Strøget, has been there since 1910. As the name suggests, fish dishes are the centerpiece here and you bet I had some delicious fish (and wine) of course! Scandinavian food is one of my favorite and this meal certainly lived up to its standards!


Thank you for reading. Continue onto Day 2...

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