Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fun in the Sun

Poof! Just like that and April is gone! But May (my birthday month) is here and summer is just around the corner! With the weather getting warmer, chances are we will soon be spending more time in the sun. Just make sure you are being mindful about protecting your skin and body while soaking up loads of vitamin D!

1. Wear appropriate clothing to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun. Lighter colored clothing will deflect some of the sun’s rays to keep you cooler. Opt for a long tunic or maxi dress for more coverage. Grab a hat! Hats are great accessories and they make perfect protective gear!

2. Stay hydrated! A can of soda or a pincher of margarita might sound delicious but try to limit sugary drinks! Water is the best choice when it comes to staying hydrated. Not only does it quench your thirst, but it will also keep your energy levels up to prevent heat exhaustion. If you are feeling fancy, throw in your favorite citrus or berries and make some fruit-infused water!

3. Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Wear it and then reapply it! I don't think sunburn or peely skin will ever be in style!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Floral print is nothing new, obviously. But the flowers making up the print are usually roses or daisies. Peonies, despite its popularity, almost never makes it onto a piece of garment. I was thrilled when I saw this romper! The floral print looks like peonies! I also love the ultra feminine combination of pink and purple as well as the cute fluttered neckline and sleeves! I paired it with a cream bucket bag and these lovely bow strappy sandals. Hmm the more I look at it, the more they look like garden roses that resemble peonies... Oh well, that's good enough for me!
Sunglasses c/o ZeroUV.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Pleated Wisteria

Ok, I lied... the floral print isn't really wisteria, but the periwinkle color and the way they look remind me of it. Not to mention how wisteria also drapes in layers, much like the pleated layers on the dress! I don't typically wear blue of any kind so when I do I feel a little special. This dress by Cindy + Johnny is such a statement on its own that I paired it with some simple white accessories... a small chained purse and heeled mules. A simple and lovely look on an easy breezy Spring day!
Floral pleated dress c/o Cindy + Johnny.
Aviator sunglasses from Old Navy.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Daily Beauty Routine

If you are reading this, I hope you are sitting comfortably with a coffee or tea in hand because this post is jam-packed with info and perhaps a bit lengthy. Here goes... so I am finally sharing with you my daily beauty routine! Let me start off by saying that I don't drink enough water, in fact, I drink very little water. I know I should but somehow I just keep failing. For the most part, my skin is pretty well-behaved even with the lack of water so I either possess a ton of youthful Asian genes or the products I use are magic! Who knows, maybe both!
I am a shower-at-night person, have always been and always will. I just can't bear the thought of crawling into bed all filthy after being out and about all day. Bed is a place for rest and therefore should always be fresh and clean. Believe it or not, I even wash my hair at night. My hair is pretty thin so it usually air-dries by the time I go to bed. Currently, I wash my hair every other day (I used to wash it every day for the longest time) with Big Shampoo by Lush. Like I said, my hair is thin and the sea salt in this shampoo really helps give it some volume! As for my body, I use Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub by Lush. I only use body wash or scrub, I simply hate soap bars and how they dry out my skin. When it comes to body lotion, I swear by Jergens moisturizer which you can pick up at any drugstore; but if I am feeling fancy and want to smell extra good, then I like Dream Cream by Lush which has a very mild lavender scent. It's true... I love my Lush products and I cannot lie.

Skincare for my face is tricky. For some reason, I can never use ONE product for too long. It might work wonders at the beginning but after a few months, I need to find something else or switch back to something I used prior. It's like my face got "immune" to it. Does anyone else experience this? Anyways, I was recently introduced to OSEA which is a vegan, organic, and gluten free skincare from the sea (seaweed being one of the main ingredients). When I heard that, I literally thought "From the sea? Ok I want to be a mermaid!" The Ocean Cleanser is refreshing, the Eyes and Lips Cream is the best eye cream I've ever used, and the Advanced Protection Cream miraculously tightens and moisturizes at the same time. I seriously love OSEA!

Whenever I feel like I need an extra boost, I would massage a couple drop of Prickly Pear Seed Oil by Aradé onto my face and neck before bed. If you haven't heard of prickly pear seed oil, it is similar to Argan oil but five times stronger in antioxidants with many anti-aging properties. It helps brightening dark circles under the eyes, tightening the pores, and refining skin texture. My skin glows when I wake up!

When it comes to the basic of face makeup, I swear by Laura Mercier! I hate anything that's too cakey, I want to wear makeup but also be able to breathe. Laura Mercier does just that, light yet provides great coverage. First, I always use the Foundation Primer to create a smooth canvas for the makeup. Then, I apply the Tinted Moisturizer (I rarely use foundation unless I am going to a special event or party), High Coverage Concealer, Eye Basics (makes my eyes more awake), and finish off with Loose Setting Powder.

Last but not least, I always keep my Glossier rosewater mist handy for an instant refresh!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Crème de la Crème

I love neutrals, no doubt about it. But if I have to choose between cream and white, cream will always win. White is great but sometimes it is just too stark, I am a little bit more drawn to the softness of cream. The weather over the weekend was gorgeous and I was out and about on Saturday in this crème de la crème assemble! Mohair knit tank, floral midi skirt, tiny tote, paired with the most incredibly comfortable Tieks flats in nude patent. I pulled the whole look together with touches of turquoise... from my reflective sunglasses to the colors of the skirt to the bottom of the flats!
Sunglasses from Old Navy.

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