Copenhagen Day 2: GoBoat, Christiansborg Palace and Nyhavn

December 11, 2019


Onto day numero dos of Copenhagen! You can check out day numero uno here. Looking back now, this ought to be the most eventful day of my trip. It was raining a lot that day, like A LOT. It even hailed while I was on a boat (uncovered)! My jeans and shoes were completely soaked! But I suppose it's not an adventure unless you have to go through some mishaps right?

I woke up bright and early to have breakfast at Mad & Kaffe and it exceeded all my expectations. Simply put, it was breakfast tapas and you create the elements/ingredients by checking off whatever you want. I had a beet salad, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs with mushroom, an oh-so-buttery croissant, and a chia pudding with berries. Everything tasted so fresh and delicious, I highly recommend checking this spot out!


After breakfast, we strolled over to a pier to meet with GoBoat for a tour of Copenhagen from the water! GoBoat is pretty rad. Not only does it sail on sun, wind and water power, you also steer the boat yourself (very straightforward) and do your own tour! However, our host Mads was kind enough to be our guide. When I boarded the boat with coffee in hand, it was sunny. Less than 10 minutes later, it started pouring. Picture this... three people on a boat battling the rain and wind with two umbrellas and occasionally seeking shelter under bridges. Oh man it was so cold! It was rough! It even hailed a few times but absolutely no regrets! There are so many canals in Copenhagen, GoBoat is such a great and quick way to see the city!


We walked around to dry off and made our way over to Christiansborg Palace and of course we had to stop at Marble Bridge to snap some photos first. This beautiful and intricate rococo style bridge crosses Frederiksholms Kanal and leads to the vast courtyard of Christiansborg. And if you think the outside is cool, wait til you see the inside! Every corner of the palace is ornate and beautiful but if I have to pick my favorite room, it would be the queen's library. Filled with white, cream and gold, it reminded me a lot of something you would see at Marie Antoinette's estate in Versailles. I lucked out with a quiet palace and had pretty much the entire place to myself to photograph my heart out.


We skipped lunch and opted for the infamous pastries at Meyers instead since we were about to have a big dinner at Noma that night. The "kanelsnurrer" which is basically a cinnamon twist was sooo good and even better with latte. We continued to walk around and quickly approached Nyhavn.


Oh Nyhavn... I've been anticipating seeing this stunning waterfront as soon as I booked my flights. I even spent hours planning what to wear and how to shoot at this location. Can you blame me though? Look at how picturesque Nyhavn is! Well, just my luck... As soon as I got there, it started pouring AGAIN! So the only photo I've got is of me wearing my rain jacket, holding my umbrella, and carrying a backpack full of clothes. But hey, at least this is real life!


The day ended short as we had to make our way over to a different side of town for dinner at Noma. I wrote a separate blog post on my Noma dining experience because if you know, you know. Also, Day 3 is here.


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