My Art / Pottery Studio: Part 1

July 15, 2021


This project has been a LOOONG time coming! So long that you might have forgotten that I first mentioned it over a year ago (if you follow me on Instagram). In February 2020, I started taking pottery classes at Still Life Studios in their new Santa Monica location and after 6 classes... BOOM! The pandemic hit. It was the end of March, I looked forward to going to the studio every week, I had finally gotten the hang of wheel throwing, I had just made my first planter completed with a saucer, I fell in love with ceramics, and then... all classes were cancelled. Not to sound dramatic but I felt like my dreams were being crushed.

Fast forward to June, my landlord told me he and his family were moving in July (they live in the backhouse, we live in the front/main house) and when they leave, I can have their garage. I was stoked because I immediately thought "I can do pottery in the garage!!!" Suddenly, I felt a huge sense of hope! The garage isn't your typical garage. It has floor to ceiling windows and french doors that open up to our backyard, a full bath, as well as a side door that opens up to the side of the house. Immediately, I started researching and planning how to set up my own home studio and what kind of equipment and tools I need.

July arrived and Covid cases were on the rise, so my landlord and his family have decided to hold off on moving until further notice. I also decided to hold off on planning because at that point, everything was up in the air and I had no idea when they would actually move or when I would have the garage. Long story short, they finally moved in November but they hadn't completely cleared out all their things in the garage but I began planning again and now an entire year later, I can finally say I have my studio 75% set up!!!

I debated a long time when to post about the studio because like many other home projects, it can never be truly complete. There will always be things you want to work on, change, and improve. So, I've decided to split it into two parts and share with you first the space and the decor side of things...

The garage space (or should I just call it my studio now?) is very spacious and gets great natural light so besides my work area, I wanted to create a lounging corner that is bright and inviting so when I am not throwing at the wheel or painting, I have a place to just hang out and relax. The first major piece of furniture I got for this space is this Floyd Sofa. I tend to gravitate toward neutral palette and with everything in the art studio being mostly white and wood, I wanted a pop of color and the 'Saffron' mustard yellow is perfect for the cheerful vibe I was going for. I also wanted to play a bit with texture so that's where the rug and the chair come in. The chunky braided wool rug is from Parachute Home and it feels as if you are walking on clouds. The mid century and modern Danish inspired chair is from Eternity Modern and I just love the woven details with the walnut finish. Not to mention, it's incredibly comfy! I also have few plants around the studio and this cute A-shaped/triangle shelf (also stacked with plants) to help separate the lounging area from the rest of the space. I won't write about every single items here but they are all listed and linked at the end of this post if you are interested.

So, there you have it... the decor portion of my pottery studio! Part 2 will be a bit more technical as I dive into all the equipment and tools to set up my home studio. I will share with you the whole process from researching, planning, buying my own wheel, finding the best clays, etc. So stay tuned!

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* Special shoutout to all my partners for being so patient with me during this process.

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