House Plant Tour

October 5, 2021


The long awaited house plant tour is here! It even comes with a YouTube video! Thanks to my friend Ally who pushed me and helped me film this, otherwise it would have never been done. I always put home related content off because I feel like it's never truly complete or that I am always changing things up, or maybe these are just excuses... Anyways, I am keeping this blog post short and sweet (watch the video below for all my plant secrets) but I wanted to share a few photos of the plants that didn't make it onto the video, along with links to items you might be interested in from the video. At the end of this blog post, I also linked my humidifier, the different kind of grow lights I use, and my favorite soil mix. Enjoy!

Plants and planters from left to right:
Philodendron Micans / YumYumCeramics
Begonia Fanny Moser / H&M Home
Reverted Pink Princess / Amazon
Begonia Pink Mummy / ThreeFeet Mudworks
Calathea Orbifolia / Covet & Ginger
Maranta Leuconeura (Variegated) / Berg's Potter
Staghorn Fern / Jungalow
Begonia Frosty / Terra Vida Clayworks
Stromanthe Triostar / Capra Designs
Dieffenbachia Memoria Corsii / Happy Hour Ceramics

Left: Ric Rac Cactus / Amazon Right: Stephania Erecta
Left: Alocasia Frydek / Urban Outfitters Right: Pilea Peperomia / West Elm, Marble Peperomia / Minimum Design
Left: Calathea Orbifolia Right: Philodendron Little Hope / Urban Outfitters
Left: Fuzzy Tradescantia / H&M Home Right: Dumb Cane, Elastica Burgundy (Rubber Plant)
Left: Alocasia Silver Dragon Right: Rhaphidophora Decursiva, Sparkling Sarah, Burle Marx

And here are my humidifier, different kinds of grow lights I use, and my favorite soil mix:

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