New Cuyama, California

December 21, 2020


Oh New Cuyama, I wish I knew about you sooner. Or maybe not, because then you wouldn’t have been so special. A couple of months ago (sorry it took me so long to get this post up and running) we spent a weekend in New Cuyama. Our day started later than planned but silver lining was that we saw the most epic sunset. On the way there, we stopped at The Red Dot in Frazier Park for a delicious vegetarian dinner. Up in the mountain in the middle of nowhere, sitting on a patio while three peacocks casually walked by, while tasting one of the most flavorful vegetarian meals I’ve ever had. We drove through Pine Mountain Club at sunset and it was unlike any other sunsets I’ve ever seen in California! We were so high up I felt like I was closer to the sky, so high that the sunset was 360°. We could also see layers of mountain ranges. It was simply epic and my words just don’t it justice. We arrived at Cuyama Buckhorn in the evening, settled into our spacious and inviting room, and called it a night.

We woke up early the next day to explore Cuyama Buckhorn. This property is lovely, and I am not only saying that just because I love mid century architecture, but the fact that it simply is. Bright and modern, but also vintage and rustic at the same time. You can tell this place has a story and you will leave with stories. I love the openness. I love the starry sky. I love that one giant tree in the middle with lanterns hanging on it. I even love the very hipster coffee shop. That day we did a 5ish-mile hike at Aliso Canyon. What a great hike but please note it’s not very shaded at all. The trail starts off with trees but just about 5 minutes in it is mostly exposed. So, I wouldn’t recommend it on a hot day. After the hike, we took a long drive through Carrizo Plain National Monument. Where am I? This is in California? How big is this place? Wow, I felt like I was somewhere else far away. I don’t even know how to describe it to you, it’s one of those places where you have to go to see it for yourself. I can’t wait to go back in the springtime to see all the wildflowers!

As I mentioned above that we drove through Pine Mountain Club heading into New Cuyama so we decided to take a different route heading out. We took Hwy 33 and went through Los Padres National Forest to get to Ojai (thought we would swing by to check out this cute town on the way home). It was equally scenic but different! I look forward to exploring more of California!

PS. Special shoutout to Cuyama Buckhorn for hosting us and for their hospitality and exceptional service!



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