Iceland Day 7: Reykjavík

September 13, 2019


Started in Reykjavík, ended in Reykjavík. We went back to explore the "city" on our last day in Iceland. We left Hvammstangi bright and early and headed straight to Silfra in Golden Circle (which we explored on our first day) to do some snorkeling (you can read about that here) before hanging out in Reykjavík. As you will see in this post that we ate A LOT that day. We walked through the quaintest neighborhoods, the most colorful buildings, strolled along Tjörnin (the lake) and reached... Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur! The infamous Icelandic hot dog stand. That's right, hot dog. Icelandic hot dogs are not your typical hot dogs... a mix of beef and lamb (I don't like the gaminess of lamb but this was fine for me) with some delicious sauce and fried onions! YUM! Then we walked to Hallgrímskirkja (Church of Iceland) and admired its basalt column like facade. Unfortunately, the tower was under construction and we weren't able to climb up to the top. Still beautiful from ground level nonetheless! Next up, we grabbed a couple of lattes at Reykjavík Roasters before getting some lobster soup and seafood skewers at Sægreifinn. Oh my god best lobster soup I've ever had! The skewers were tasty as well! We walked some more and finally ended the night at Kaffibrennslan (a cafe and bar in one) with some sweets and beer. I had a carrot cake and Mark had a strawberry rhubarb crumble. After a long week of nonstop adventure, this last relaxing day was much needed!


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