Iceland Day 6: Hvammstangi (Kolugljúfur Canyon and Waterfall), Vatnsnes (Hvítserkur), and Goðafoss

September 12, 2019


On Day 6, we continued around the Ring Road from Mývatn to Hvammstangi and stopped at Goðafoss (which I will touch on at the end of this post), Hvítserkur in Vatnsnes (a peninsula in Northern Iceland) and lastly Kolugljúfur Canyon.


We drove through Vatnsnes, popped out of the car to take a peek at Hvítserkur which is this incredible sea stack and rock formation sticking out of the water and then head to Hvammstangi and explored Kolugljúfur Canyon. Initially, Kolugljúfur Canyon wasn't part of the itinerary but after realizing the infamous Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon in South East Iceland was closed for restoration, we decided to check out Kolugljúfur. And we are so glad we did! The Kolugljúfur waterfall rushes down into a deep canyon, it was so beautiful and majestic. The best part was that we had the entire place to ourselves! And to be honest, I was a little bit nervous standing on that cliff in the middle of the canyon (the first/main photo in this post). I wasn't too close to the edge or anything (I knew better) and I am a rock climber so I am used to being high up on a cliff but it was windy and just being up high and wide open I just felt vulnerable (but incredible)! The sun began to set and we headed back to Hvammstangi Cottages and rested for the night...


When I was planning this trip, one thing I did a lot of research on was Icelandic horses, as silly as that sounds! I really wanted to see these magical creatures in the wild, so when I haven't seen any after Day 1 and then Day 2 and then Day 3 and then Day 4... I got a little bit disappointed. What I didn't know was that you'll slowly but quickly encounter them as you go north. I saw SO many in Mývatn and Hvammstangi to the point where we kept stopping on the road just to hang out with them. Yes, I even had bananas to feed them! I was VERY excited!


Quickly after we departed Mývatn, we stumbled upon a waterfall called Goðafoss. As you can see in the photos here that it was massive.


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