The Commissary, San Francisco

July 3, 2018

I don't think I have ever eaten at a restaurant for nearly FOUR hours. That's how amazing my experience at The Commissary was. It wasn't just because of how incredible the food was, but also the bantering between the chefs and our humorous interaction with them, as well as our pleasant interaction with the staff. It wasn't just a dinner, it was an experience. Located in the heart of The Presidio in San Francisco, The Commissary is all about California cuisine with a Spanish flare driven by sustainable and locally-sourced ingredients. We started with cheese fritters, tuna tartare, mushroom sherry soup, patata bravas, Spanish octopus and Catalan flatbread (wow I did not realize we had this much appetizers until just now as I was typing them out). For the main course, I had the salmon which literally melted in my mouth. Since we sat at the chef's table, we noticed that they kept preparing this one dish which we later found out was the chicken roulade. We either seemed very curious or we were actually drooling that exclusive chef Eric Minnich surprised us with a mini version of the dish so we can try it and oh my it was delicious. Not sure how but we also managed to have the canalé with pistachio ice cream for dessert. I am feeling full just writing about this... A big thank you to The Commissary for hosting us. At last, I leave you with four words (and photos to drool over)... fresh, delectable, unexpected, exciting.

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