When LA Can't Decide...

March 7, 2018

When LA can't decide if it wants to be hot or cold, you have to be creative with what you wear. It is either 50°F one day and 80°F  the next or 50°F  in the morning and 70°F by noon. Layering is key but if you are running around all day from meetings to meetings you don't want to be lugging too many things. So, my solution is a combo of light layers with pieces that can keep you warm when it's cold but won't make you break a sweat when it's hot. This black lace romper is perfect to play with. It is dressy and feminine but I toned it down with an utility jacket. I styled it with a pair of over the knee boots which help shield the chill when the wind blows and this darling little faux fur hangbag I picked up at a boutique in Paris. But really though, LA weather, can you make up your mind please?
Over the knee boots (old) c/o Charlotte Russe.
Faux fur handbag from Paris.

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