Musée Rodin, Paris

February 28, 2018

Nearly two months later and I am finally down to my last two posts from Paris! It's been a long time coming! I myself have also come a long way in terms of being comfortable and not feeling awkward when being photographed in public. I remember back in my early blogging days I would get so self-conscious shooting on the street and always wanted to just "get it over with". But I have been doing this for over six years so it's no wonder I got used to it. Nowadays, I don't care. Although when I shot at Musée Rodin in Paris two months ago, it was slightly awkward given the fact that it was nearly 30°F and everyone was layered up in big jackets and scarves but I was wearing this dress. On top of that, it was crazy busy since it was the holiday. You can't tell in the photos because every 2 minutes we had to wait 10 minutes for people to pass by to get a clear shot. The amount of stares I got was countless. I powered through though because I brought this stunning sequined dress by NBD from Revolve to Paris with me to shoot. This dress is insanely beautiful and fits like a dream and I am so happy with how it turned out!

Photos shot by Linh of Through The Glass Paris, edited by me.

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