The Never Ending Details

March 22, 2013

People tend to wonder why I am always so well put together. The answer is... I am a perfectionist, therefore, every little detail matters. Even the most unmatching outfit, or so it seems, would be well thought out. I am not one to be spontaneous, except on lazy days or sick days or if I am just going to the grocery. Because of that, I love things with great details such as this incredible "The Never Ending Story" necklace by Holst + Lee. This handmade necklace is one of the most interesting pieces of jewelry I have ever seen! The mix of fabric and texture, the fancy knot like design, and the beautiful gold hardware are all out of this world! A piece like that is a statement of its own, so I paired it with a simple yet darling marigold dress gifted by Calico. I adore the color, the ribbed texture, and the cute buttoned details on the sides. I layered a sequined collar chiffon top for fun and accessorized with matching satchel and boots. I was lusting for these boots from TopShop for months but I couldn't resist any longer. I am so glad I bought them because they are super amazing!
The Never Ending Story necklace by Holst + Lee c/o The Collective.
Marigold Bonnie skater dress by Ya c/o Calico.
Sequined collar chiffon top by Cotton Candy from my work Sway.
Brown leather satchel from Hong Kong.
Anna buckle strap leather boots from TopShop.


  1. this necklace looks like DIY project - say, it was you who made it, right ? ;)

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  3. Absolutely AMAZING! That necklace is to DIE for... pure genius! <33

  4. Love how the shoes and bag are exactly the same color :)

  5. love these colors and those boots are so cute ;D

  6. such a pretty outfit love the necklace!!:)

  7. This outfit is simply amazing! The necklace is so lovely!
    - Charlotte

  8. Very nice! Love your details and colours!

    XX Red Sonja

  9. Ohmygosh thank you for introducing me to Holst and Lee - this necklace is THE one! Love it!
    Rosie x


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