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March 26, 2013

My crazy cat lady status has officially gone up another level with this awesome cat beanie from Chicnova. This outfit is a bit darker than my normal get up with a black color scheme and dark lipstick. I like to experience with various looks and luckily many say I can indeed pull off totally different styles. Hey, dream big, style big! Wearing mostly black in criss cross cut out crop top, long cardigan sweater, ornate leggings, and Coltrane lookalikes. Notice how I am matching my leggings with my Avant Garde handbag in which both have similar ornate pattern? I told you I like to play with little details!
Criss cross cut out crop tank from Charlotte Russe.
Long cardigan sweater by Delirious from Ross.
Ornate leggings by ShoSho from Ross.
Cat beanie c/o Chicnova.
Vintage Avant Garde embossed ornate handbag from Buffalo Exchange.
Rebel scholar booties from Tobi.


  1. You have a beautiful blog and and awesome style.

    I'd like to invite you to Join - where u can share your awesome looks and get more visitors for your blog.

    Have a Lovely Day,


  2. you have a tattoo on your feet? showwwww us <3 and in this hat you reminds me a evil version of totoro, so i totally adore this dark outfit <3

  3. I love your leggings and I am in love with your shoes!
    - Charlotte

  4. you have become my favourite blogger of all time. Your style is completely my taste. How did you get such a gorgeous blog layout? x

    1. thank you so much! i coded the layout myself :)

  5. I have a very similar crop top but from Nastygal and I love your shoes! Great styling. =)


  6. gorgeous kitty!!;)

  7. so cute! I love your beanie. Cat ears forever!

  8. Ah! This hat is so cute I love it!!!

  9. I'm in love with your cat beanie, I've been trying to find one for ages <3 :)

    Cherry Jade

  10. i just adore your beanie, i would love to own that! i also love your bag!

    lindsey louise


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