Stars and Stripes

February 19, 2012

I couldn't help it but to wear my American flag shorts for President's Day weekend. To tone down the whole red, white and blue theme, I paired the shorts with a sheer lace blouse underneath a holey knit sweater which are cream and not white. Then, I made the look edgier with sheer black tights, Jeffrey Campbell Biz buckled booties, and a grommet bag.
American flag shorts by Sly from Japan.
Sheer lace chiffon blouse from Hong Kong.
Holey knit sweater by Cotton Candy from my work Sway.
Jeffrey Campbell Biz buckled booties.
Vintage grommet bag from Etsy.


  1. Oh my god, I love this outfit! The way you paired the blouse and sweater with the american flag shorts is amazing! Also, I'm completely in love with that bag! It's so cute!


  2. GUH. I am totally in love with that blouse! I really love your use of mixing unexpected pieces together ^^

  3. Great outfit the shorts are amazing! And the bag is veeeery nice :)

  4. Those shorts are seriously so cool!

  5. Love those shorts! I have been looking for a pair like them too!!

  6. Those shorts remind me of Rex Kwon Do (from Napolean Dynamite)
    LOVE the outfit! so unique.


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