Same Polkadots, Big Difference.

February 20, 2012

What an adventure this day was! It was a gorgeous day, sunny but chilly, my friend Jackie and I literally hiked down a cliff by the ocean in our Jeffrey Campbells. Imagine two petite ladies (Jackie being under 5 feet and me just a couple inches above) in our chunky JCs, walking through trails of muddy grounds, carefully yet dangerously climbing down a rocky cliff. At least Jackie was wearing shorts, I was in a maxi dress! We had so much fun though, we even took a video on the way back up the cliff (watch the video at the end of this post). Now, back to my outfit... I just so happen to have this knit sweater and pleated maxi dress in the same exact shade of apricot and polkadots, so I decided to wear them together to create a fun and interesting look! They are so similar yet so different! To further make this outfit even more matchy matchy, I wore my pom pom beret with my ChloƩ satchel and "The Stunning" which is a Jeffrey Campbell x LF exclusive.
Jeffrey Campbell x LF exclusive "The Stunning".
ChloƩ two tone leather satchel.
Knit polkadots sweater from H&M.
Pleated polkadots maxi dress by Audrey from my work Sway.
Rabbit fur pom pom beret from Hong Kong.
Vintage Monet collar necklace from Etsy.

And here's the video... enjoy!


  1. i love this outfit, you look beautiful! and your shoes are to die for. xx sylvie

  2. im so dying in all of these polka dots.
    its so adorable.

    xo kaitlin

  3. That was such a great day. The video still cracks me up!

  4. Wonderful clash of polkadots size.
    Absolutely stunning shoes.
    This post is so perfect.

  5. Hello Daily your look is beautiful and your polka doot beautiful.

  6. I really love everything about this outfit!

  7. wow, you look sooo gorgeous. it's not even funny! love this combination. such pretty spring pastels! xx


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