Wrapping Papers

December 28, 2011

I am taking advantage of the last few days of this year to wear anything and everything reminiscing of the holiday season. This custom made Clothes Horse dress by Neneee reminds me of wrapping papers, and with my gold bracelets I look like a present wrapped in shiny ribbons! I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it featured on The Clothes Horse (yes, the dress is named after Rebecca's blog). The heavy brocade in fun colors and patterns, the puffed sleeves, the poof skirt, the pockets, and the low v-shaped neckline in the back... all those details make this dress amazing! To go with the holiday theme and the name of the dress, I put on my carousel horse necklace to complete this look.
Clothes Horse dress by Neneee.
Cable knit tight from F21.
Vintage leather oxford booties from etsy.
Thrifted vintage leather purse.
Vintage carousel horse necklace.
Chunky gold woven bracelet from ASOS.
Vintage gold chain bracelets, both from etsy.


  1. Love the different patterns of your dress! And the necklace is so cute!

  2. Love the outfit! The dress and necklace look great together x

  3. Ha, I just wore this dress on my blog too! Apparently something about it calls out to be worn at Christmas! Anyway, you look lovely!

  4. Love ur style!!!! Happy holiday xoxo


  5. This dress is perfect! And your accessorizing is spot-on!

  6. Hello, fantastic dress. And your look is so cute..

  7. lovely outfit and shots - especially the detail in the first one.

  8. I'm not surprised to hear that you fell in love with this dress - it's not only beautiful, it looks as though it was made for you. What a perfect location to feature it too.

  9. you ! you ! you !
    you are so pretty & your outfits embody a timeless sense of style.

    I love how elegant the dress is / and the quirkiness of switching patterns.

    Love !

    sending you happy spells


  10. darling dress and love the carousel horse!


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