Deep Rouge

December 30, 2011

I drove by this wall last week and had to come back to match the decorative cement blocks with my cut out patterned tights. How perfect! I love sweaters, I can never get enough, and they are even better when they are in awesome colors such as this deep dusty red. I would have worn it alone if I had on solid tights, but with these cut out patterned ones I decided to wear a pair of burgundy leather shorts underneath. I love playing with a plain canvas... especially an oversize solid sweater! Throw on a fur collar, pull on some fun tights, slip into some eye-catching shoes, and there you have a great outfit! Speaking of eye-catching shoes, I got these Sam Edelman Zoe the other day and I am in love! I have always fancied the entirely black ones but these brown and black ones are even dreamier! Lastly, I am really into wearing darker shades like this deep rouge color on my lips lately. What are your thoughts?
Sam Edelman Zoe from Karmaloop.
Oversize sweater from F21.
Burgundy high waisted leather shorts from F21.
Cut out patterned tights from Harajuku, Japan.
Thrifted vintage fur collar.
Thrifted vintage stripes handbag by Allan Edward.
Rings from F21 and my work Sway.


  1. Hello happy new year...
    I love your look and so cute shoes...

  2. i love the dark lipstick! it looks good on you! ive wanted to get some in a dark plumb and redish orange lately.

  3. I am so in love with your shoes and tights. The lip color is also gorgeous!

  4. love your shoes :)
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  5. lovely contrast.but mine favourite that shoes
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