AWOMB, Kyoto, Japan

March 24, 2020


I've been thinking about AWOMB in Kyoto ever since I visited there back in November. It's a dining experience I've never had before! Most tourists are unaware of this place, hence we were the only foreigners and everyone else was local when we went. Part of me want to keep this a secret... but here I am, sharing with you this hidden gem. Let's see, I am not even sure how to explain what "teae sushi" is. I read all about it before going but I was still a bit lost when I got there even after looking at their cute little illustration/instruction. Basically for each of the little dishes, you mix it with different condiments and you can choose to mix it with matcha shredded eggs and/or rice as well. There's also a tea soup which you can drink alone or pour into the rice. This tea soup!!! I've been dreaming about it since, the broth is just so delicious, so light yet flavorful. Where can I get it? How do I make it? That's all I wanna know! You can tell that everything was thoughtful curated and everything tasted so fresh and incredible. I really enjoyed AWOMB for so many reasons. Obviously I loved the food. I also really appreciate the fact that this restaurant was basically in/structured as a house. We even sat traditionally on tatami. I loved it! I hope that when you go to Kyoto, you'll have a chance to eat at AWOMB. I went to the one in Gion district but I believe there are two other locations in Kyoto as well. Also, please note that it is reservation only.


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  1. Amazing photos!


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