Stay Smooth with Philips SatinShave Advanced

December 23, 2019


Back in August, I started using a new shaving tool by Philips called SatinShave Advanced. It is a few months later now and I am still loving it! Not only do I use it regularly, I have also taken it on several trips and would love to share with you how incredible and convenient the SatinShave Advanced is.

When I first tested out this product, the one thing that stood out to me was its rechargeable battery. As someone who travels often and takes a lot of outfits, I am limited to what I can pack. It's so nice that I don't have to pack the charger with me because once charged, the SatinShave Advanced can last up to an hour! On top of that, the tool itself is light and compact and doesn't take up any room. How convenient!

As for its functionality, I've definitely noticed the difference between shaving with the Philips SatinShave Advanced vs typical razor blades. When shaving my legs, bikini area and underarms, I've experienced less cuts and irritations and overall my skin is a lot smoother! The SatinShave Advanced has a round pearl-tip trimmer in front of as well as behind the shaving foil which helps to prevent irritation while the floating foil glides seamlessly close to the skin for an even shave. Oh, did I also mention this shaver can be used wet or dry?

Did I convince you yet? You can get a SatinShave Advanced right here!


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