Montesacro Pinseria, Portland

April 27, 2019

Another restaurant we went to in Portland was Montesacro Pinseria in the Pearl District. Montesacro is the first “Pinseria” in the United States! What's a pinseria, you ask? Pinsa is a modern take on the ancient flatbread once prepared by peasants living outside the imperial walls of the Roman Empire, and Montesacro is the name of a neighborhood of Rome. These Pinsas are made with a blend of rice, soy and wheat flour imported directly from Rome... all GMO-free, low-fat, low-calorie, hence easy to digest. I guess that explains why we devoured everything! We had the Garbatella (caper mayonnaise, ventresca (tuna belly), buffalo mozzarella, calabrese hot chili, pickled red onion, parsley) and the Maranella (mozzarella, broccolini, spicy pork sausage, stracciatella di burrata). Both were incredibly flavorful and delicious! We also had a couple of red wines from Italy to pair with our pinsas and they were simply perfect. I also love all the rustic touches throughout the space, definitely gave the restaurant some characters and a feeling of warmth (especially when it's raining outside). All in all, Montesacro was welcoming and the staff seems very knowledgeable with their food (and wine). We highly recommend checking this spot out if you ever find yourself in Portland!


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