Let's Move with Reebok

March 13, 2019

I don't know about you but I've always had trouble finding the right sport bra... until now! I have a small chest and finding something that fits and feels comfortable while working out (or in my case, rock climbing) is nearly impossible. The smaller bras are too tight/ hard to take off and the bigger ones are too spacious in the chest.

Luckily, Reebok created the PureMove sport bra! It even made TIME’s “Best Inventions” list, earning its place as one of the most awarded sports bras of 2018. The first of its kind, PureMove features unique Motion Sense Technology. In other words, it reacts to your movement. Shear-thickening fluid (STF) plays a key role in PureMove’s Motion Sense technology where the fabric stiffens on the treadmill and releases when, for example, you hang it in the locker room, providing support AND comfort. Wow ok, that's something else! My favorite part of the PureMove sport bra, however, is the free cut edge design.

As a climber, I need all the flexibility and comfort I can get and this minimalistic second-skin fit allows me to move freely. It almost feels like I am not wearing a sport bra at all!

Shop the bra here!

*This post is sponsored by Reebok; all thoughts an opinions are my own.

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