Testa, DTLA

September 24, 2018

Ok, I admit it. I am totally guilty of seeing a restaurant on Instagram and wanting to check it out solely because of how cute the decor is. I mean, just look at this one corner of Testa with the floral wallpaper, the wood paneling, the shag rug, the round mirror... They were all screaming my name! I was definitely distracted with taking photos before finally sitting down to enjoy dinner. But once I did all I could think about was how incredibly fresh and tasty everything was. We started off with soft shell crab with spicy eggs. Usually I am not too crazy about soft shell crab but this was fried to perfection and well seasoned! Then we also had grilled king prawns and baby gem salad for appetizers. And for entree, we had braised pork papardelle and flank steaks. This was one of the best meal I've had in a while! If you ever find yourself in DTLA, I highly recommend checking our Testa! Great spot, great staff, amazing food and drinks!

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