Capri, Italy

November 16, 2017

Oh Capri, where do I even begin? Capri is obviously an island and you can only get there by boat, what I did not know is how rocky it is. I also did not know of Anacapri which has a really high elevation (Ancient Greek prefix ana- means "up" or "above"). Day one was spent walking around town center, hiking down to La Fontelina and drank spritz, and a sunset boat ride around the entire island to see Blue Grotto, Faraglionli and Punta Carena Lighthouse. On the second day, we went up to Anacapri and took the chairlift up Monte Solaro which has the most beautiful view of Capri. We grabbed lunch (as well as espresso and pastries) before heading back down to Marina Piccolo. It was a gorgeously warm day so we laid out in the sun and dipped in the water before heading back to town and had the most delightful pasta for dinner. Capri was different, it felt truly like a vacation but two days there was more than enough and from there, we departed to Rome...

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  1. The island of Capri is popular for some reasons. It has stunning normal magnificence, scrumptious food, and elite shopping. It's likewise a spot to see and be seen – there's a motivation behind why such countless superstars anchor their yachts in Marina Grande.


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