Travel Diary: Pinnacles National Park + Big Sur

June 20, 2017

Where did time go? I can't believe it has already been three weeks since my Pinnacles National Park and Big Sur adventure! We drove to Pinnacles National Park just after midnight and hiked in the dark. It was my first time hiking in the wilderness at night and I definitely had a few Blair Witch Project and Naked and Afraid moments but it was so worth it! I have never seen so many stars in the sky, and not only did I see stars, I saw the Milky Way with my naked eyes! Part of this trip was to see the Milky Way because my friends are into astrophotography. After shooting tons of photos, we finally made our way back to the car around 3am. We decided to camp out in the car and nap for an hour and half to hike up to the reservoir at sunrise. 5am rolled around and we climbed over boulders and crawled through caves (literally) and arrived at the reservoir at dawn. There was a thin layer of fog hovering just above the water, it was one of the most magical and serene thing I have ever seen.

After taking a million photos, we hiked our way back to the car and finally went back to our hotel to freshen up and then it was off to Big Sur! We checked into our suite at Big Sur River Inn and spent the afternoon hanging out on the river, grabbed dinner, and then took a nap before venturing out at night to catch the Milky Way again. However, we didn't pull an all nighter this time. We departed the next day and of course stopped by Bixby Bridge and Point Lobos on the way back home. What a memorable and adventurous weekend, hiked miles and miles and saw many wonders of nature.

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  1. Oh my goodness, your photographs are amazing!! I'm heading to the Big Sur in a few weeks and this definitely helped up my excitement level.


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