The Sea and I

December 21, 2015

We had a little staycation last weekend in Santa Cruz. It's always good to be back in this little coastal town where we once called home for 5 years. Santa Cruz doesn't exactly have the best eateries in the San Francisco Bay Area but we definitely miss some of the joints we used to frequent. This trip ended up being a food tour where we hit up all our old favorites, such as... Walnut Cafe, Rocky's, Aptos St. BBQ, Penny Ice Creamery, etc. Besides eating up a storm, we enjoyed walks along the coast and spent most of our time relaxing at Hotel Paradox which kindly hosted our stay. You know I love a good rustic and modern combo and Hotel Paradox is exactly that. Just look at that amazing wood paneled wall behind the bed!

Photos of me - shot by my fiancé Chris Smyrniotis, edited by me
All other photos - shot and edited by me


  1. Hotel Paradox looks nice! So does the food places c: Xx
    Ice Pandora

  2. Thank you for sharing. Cool hotel. Here you can relax with his girlfriend. But if you are looking for where wanted would like to stay alone from all over the world then I advise you to this place . I think you will like it.


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