It's December! Let's Make Plans!

December 1, 2015

Well hello there, December! I can't believe we are already down to the last month of 2015! Usually I feel bittersweet about the year coming to an end but this year I am very excited for it to be over. Although there have been some pretty amazing things that happened, this year has been quite rough for me. I went through a rollercoaster of changes and events and I can't wait to start fresh in 2016! Normally I save my resolutions for the new year but I am so eager to make all these changes I am going to get a head start! Here are a few things I plan to work on in the coming month/year:

~ Be more active ~
I don't exercise ever, the only "exercise" I do is walking/commuting every day which
is about 30 minutes of walking. It's not terrible but I would like to be more active!

~ Complain less and appreciate more ~
Sometimes I get so caught up with things I dislike, I forget to appreciate
all the great little things. Time to focus on things that make me happy!

~ Drink more water ~
Honestly, this is one of my resolutions every year and each year I fail. Let's hope I can do it this time!

~ Try new things ~
Life is short and perhaps seems shorter the older I get. I want to explore more, whether it be
traveling to some place new once a month or check out a new restaurant once in awhile!

And to help myself achieve all of the above, I am going to make good use of my new planner! The lovely ladies over at A Beautiful Mess sent this to me and I can't wait to start organizing and planning! I look forward to doing it the old fashion way, because there's something quite special about writing down your goals rather than typing them onto my google calendar!

Photos - shot and edited by me

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