How I Hike

November 19, 2015

I love hiking, it is my favorite outdoor activity in Fall. However, hiking to me is probably very different than hiking to you. When I say hiking, I really mean walking on a mostly flat surface, for less than 5 miles, in flats. That's right, that's how I hike... in a pair of Levi's, a light pink knit top, and a plaid scarf. I love this scarf! I have never seen a plaid one as feminine as this, the pink and blue combo is amazing! Don't you think?
Empire cropped skinny jeans (sold out) c/o Levi's.
Pink backpack (sold out) c/o Charlotte Russe.

*Photos - shot by my fiancé Chris Smyrniotis, edited by me

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  1. I had a dream to built a outdoor fitness area at my home and
    professional playground equipment have completed it for me and at very affordable prices! Thank you!


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