Kiss and Make Up

April 17, 2015

I can never have too many makeup bags or tiny pouches to hold my trinkets and what not. I am sure most ladies feel the same way. Another reason I have so many is because I don't like to use just one for a long period of time. I switch around to avoid it getting too dirty because no matter how careful I am, that lipstick will always find a way to pop out its cap and draw all over my bag! I recently discovered Lolo, an awesome line of bags in various shapes, colors, and silhouettes. The best part is that most of them are vinyl on vinyl! That means durable and easy to clean! There are so many cute patterns and designs but my favorites are the face silhouette, glittery lipsticks, 'hello gorgeous' with stripes, and 'Kiss & Make Up'. Aren't they just so lovely?
Medium Avery in blush with pink face
Betty case in blush with silver glitter lipsticks
Mini Avery in yellow stripes with pink 'hello gorgeous'
Blake case in pink with yellow 'Kiss & Make Up'

*All products c/o Lolo
*All product images photographed by me


  1. This post is ridiculously gorgeous! I'm always in awe of your creativity and talent ;__; <3

  2. Such gorgeous color palettes among these bags! The one with the pink lashes and red lips is fantastic. <3


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