Apartment Tour Part 6 - Closet

March 16, 2015

Finally, here is my closet/office! I live in a two-bedroom apartment with my fiancé and we turned our master bedroom into my closet and office space. I have so many shoes and clothes that sadly I STILL don't have enough space in this massive room which also has a walk-in closet and a regular closet. As you can see... I have a dresser where I keep all my jewelry and sunglasses, a rack where I keep most of my current pieces and things that need to be photographed/blogged about, three bookshelves turned shoes shelves (this is actually only about 2/3 of my shoes, the rest are under my bed and stacked up in boxes elsewhere), a chaise to lounge on, a desk (not photographed) and an awesome giant full length mirror. I keep everything else in the actually walk-in closet which is a constant mess (hence, I didn't take many photos of that to show you). I installed extra shelvings in there to make use of all the space, purses all the way up to the ceiling and sweaters all the way down to the floor! In the other regular closet, I have boxes of clothes that I don't wear all the time but can't let go of. So there you have it! After 10 months of moving into my new apartment, I have finally shared all my spaces with you. Here is a recap: Part 1 (living room), Part 2 (balcony garden), Part 3 (bedroom), Part 4 (entryway) and Part 5 (kitchen and dining).
The Emily + Meritt Parisian Heart Cloche c/o PBteen. Vintage calla lily brass lamp c/o Fig House Vintage.


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