Cleansing with Clarisonic

August 7, 2014

So I finally jumped on the Clarisonic wagon after hearing so many great things about it and now I know what the hype is all about! My skin, for the most part, is pretty well-behaved (thank you Asian genes!) but my pores have become larger and more noticeable throughout the years. Clarisonic suggests that I try the Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution which includes the Mia 2, daily cleanser, and clay mask. I have only been using it every other day for a couple of weeks (I like to take things slow when I am trying out new skin products), but I am loving the result! My pores appear smaller and my face feels so baby soft! Did I also mention it smells really good and fresh too? If you are curious about Clarisonic, I say give it a go!

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