Brighten Up with SK-II

August 18, 2014

Skin care is important, everyone knows that. But how many actually pay attention to it? I know I didn't until recent years and my lack of water drinking habit does not help either (okay mom, you were right). I was also using cheap drug store products for as long as I can remember, they do the job (kind of) but my complexion remains dull and uneven. I recently started using SK-II and wow, just wow! My skin feels great! Hydrated but not greasy, firm but not tight. My face seems to be brighter and overall I just look less tired! Perhaps now I won't be afraid to go bare face in public anymore! Thanks SK-II!
Facial treatement essence

*All products c/o SK-II
*All product images photographed by me


  1. Great photos! <3

    Hanna from

  2. I plan to pick up a couple of these products the next time I see them. 


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