Rustic and Modern

January 9, 2014

A combination of getting older and moving in the near future has gotten me thinking of spaces that are simple, rustic and modern. I just want everything white with a tiny bit of black and touches of wooden accent. Currently daydreaming...


  1. Sources??? I'm sure you would be upset if someone re-posted your photos without credit, so don't do that to other artists.

    1. These are all pinned on my pinterest and they are linked over there!

  2. I totally understand the white thing. When my boyfriend and I moved in our new apartment I furnished our living room also almost completely white with just a few spots of colour and I really, really like it that way!
    All the best, Steffi

  3. oooh so pretty!! love the freshness of these mixed with the rustic wood. Lovely :) xx


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