Chatting with Samantha Wills

October 23, 2013

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you would know I love wearing jewelry. There isn't a time when I put together an outfit or go out without having any rings on my fingers. It just doesn't feel right. It is actually quite funny because 10 years ago I was the complete opposite! If I wore rings, I would always end up taking them off. As I get older, I learn to only acquire things that I truly want, things that I know will last and things that I know I will wear again and again. Same goes with jewelry. Quality is definitely better than quantity. One of my favorite jewelry designers is Samantha Wills. This jewelry siren (Samantha herself is stunning and often models her own design) who calls both Sydney and New York homes is taking the world by storm. It has been a real pleasure working with the wonderful SW team and what an honor to be able to interview Samantha herself!

All the images seen here are taken by me of my personal Samantha Wills collection. Specific details of each piece are listed at the end of this post. I also want to thank West Walnut for the beautiful gold deer antler. I love this piece whether it is just sitting on my coffee table on its own or when it is displayed with jewelry. If you love rustic with a touch of glam (gold), check out West Walnut for some amazing home decor and get 10% off with my promo code "TOSHIKO10". Now, read on and enjoy the interview!
The Dancing Ring - Watermelon (sold out)
Bohemian Bardot Ring - Pearl (sold out)
Safari Nights Ring - Gold (sold out)
Manik Ring (sold out)
Forever Rose Cuff (sold out)
Midnight Love Bracelet - Gold (sold out)
Aaliyah Earrings - White (sold out)
*All jewelry c/o Samantha Wills

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  1. Beautiful jewelry--but it was really hard to read the white text on a pale grey background.


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