Brunch at Sea Circus

October 26, 2013

Is summer finally gone? Is fall truly here? I can't be quite sure. This is something you won't understand unless you live in California. Over the last 17 years of living in the golden state I have learned to always be prepared and dress in layers. Today's look is a perfect example. I was out and about in this lovely "Brunch at Sea Circus" abstract floral print silk maxi dress by Vamastyle (the name is too good I had to use it as the title) and once the sun started setting I threw on this amazing vintage crochet long sweater by Yves Saint Laurent. I usually stay away from the black and pink combo because it reminds me too much of high school when I called Hot Topic my favorite store and Avril Lavigne my favorite singer (I know you've been there too), but I think it works here.
Vintage crochet maxi sweater by Yves Saint Laurent.
Mini Satchel by 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target.
Quilted leather ballet flats by Chanel.
Crystal quartz necklace c/o Crystal Cactus by Audrey Kitching.
Beaded black and gold tusk necklace from F21.


  1. Ha--I think we all went through the Hot Topic/Avril Lavigne phase! Luckily you've definitely matured since then--you make this baby pink look like it's definitely a color for a grown woman (which it is =P)

  2. Everything about this outfit is fabulous. I am honestly always in awe of how original your style is!

    Xo, Hannah


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