Oh My Dearest

September 23, 2013

Hello fall, hello new shop! After a 4 year hiatus, I recently decided to pick up the paint brush again and start a new side project... Oh My Dearest.

Before I found my passion in fashion, my passion was art. As a five year old, I was more into drawing bunnies and making birthday cards for everyone than worrying about what I wore. I began developing my art skill at a really young age and grew up practicing it. I even attended my high school solely because the art teacher whom is now retired was highly regarded. My four years of high school was very rewarding where I developed all the skills I needed (examples of some of my really early work here, here, and here) and made great accomplishment such as winning awards/scholarship and even landed an article in a local newspaper. Even though I received a pretty decent scholarship to CCA (California College of the Arts), I decided to attend UC Berkeley instead. If you get into Cal, it would be stupid not to go, or at least that was my mentality at the time. At Berkeley, I tried out different media like printmaking, metal works, sculpture, ceramics, but I ended up with what I know best... oil painting. I painted in large scale, canvases that are bigger than me and I was spoiled with spacious studio space and storage areas. Once graduated, I completely stopped making art. If you are familiar with oil, you know that it needs to be well ventilated and discarded properly. Not to mention it also takes weeks to dry, definitely not ideal when living in a small apartment with two cats!

It's been a real long time since I have painted something "real" (here's one of my final paintings from Berkeley). My artistic urge has kicked in and I needed to find a creative outlet, so this is where Oh My Dearest comes in. I decided to play with colors and patterns just like I do with my clothes and create little abstract paintings. Each piece is paired with a gold/silver/bronze frame and would look nice either hung on the wall or set on a desk. They are just supposed to be fun and stylish, nothing serious. Oh My Dearest just opened today, please check it out and I hope you like what you see!


  1. How wonderful! :) You're very talented! I love how you put together such gorgeous colors. & your painting of those sweets is so lovely!

  2. I'm not familiar with art but I like what I see. This is definetly something I would put in my room for decoration. :)



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