Floral and Stripes

May 15, 2013

I am having a rather stressful week and feeling like everything is against me. Clothes seem to be my only friend lately, putting outfits together and playing with my wardrobe is the only time I don't feel stressed or bitter. Hopefully this gloomy phase will go away soon especially when my birthday is exactly a week from today! It was very hot over the weekend so I pulled together a casual chic look for a day out in the sun. This vintage floral maxi dress from Shred Threads is amazing. Not only does it have a flattering fit, it also has an unique high neckline and cut that shows off a little bit more shoulders. I am a sucker for mixing and matching so I paired it with these lovely striped sandals from my sponsor Shellys. Generally, I am not too crazy about sandals but these are perfect! When I am out running around it's nice to have a large enough bag to hold all my things including my camera and a bottle of water. The Bailey bag from my sponsor Melie Bianco certainly does the job!
Vintage floral maxi dress by PJLA c/o Shred Threads.
Bailey bag c/o Melie Bianco.
Mandy striped sandals c/o Shellys.
Angular sunglasses c/o 80sPurple.


  1. Ooo! That dress is just so pretty - it looks so fantastic on you! Perfect for summer!


  2. Gorgeous look and beautiful sandals*.*

  3. your criss crossed striped sandals bring this whole look together! true californian beach bunny. i discovered you on chictopia today and thought I'd say hi :)

    psst ... btw i'm having a giveaway for designer petite jeans that would look great on you!

  4. Gorgeous! Very inspirational outfit! Love how you combined those striped sandals with the flower print dress!

    XX Red Sonja

  5. I love the straps of the dress, very nice shape! You look great in maxi dresses. :)

    I like your summery header, too! Very pretty.


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