April 8, 2013

I am enjoying every bit of this Spring... warm sun, light breeze, and little blossoms flying everywhere. My outfit here goes perfect with the airy weather. It is light, flowy, and well, girly and floral! I created my look around this lovely floral chiffon skirt gifted from For Love & Lemons. I remember eyeing this little number when I first saw it on Ashley Smith in the Spring campaign. It is so darling! I paired it with a blush knit sweater, ruffled socks, and these awesome vintage denim booties! Oh, and do you notice something different? I have a new haircut! To most people, this is still long hair, but it is short to me. I haven't had hair this short in like 10 years! And guess what? I cut and ombre-ed it myself too! I can't remember the last time I went to a salon, I just can't understand why people would spend hundreds of dollars to get their hair done when I've been doing it all by myself this whole time! What do you think?
Lux floral chiffon skirt c/o For Love & Lemons.
Knit sweater by Coco Roja from my work Sway.
Studded bucket bag by Street Level from my work Sway.
Vintage denim booties by Ros Hommerson from Etsy.
Bohemian Bardot ring in ivory c/o Samantha Wills.
California bracelet from my work Sway.


  1. Your hair looks incredible! I can't believe you did that all by yourself! You look so pretty and adorable in your chiffon skirt. ♥

  2. That outfit is incredible :)
    I have been enjoying spring, too. just yesterday it started getting warmer and I love it!

  3. Cute, cute!

  4. I wish I could enjoy's still rather cold here in my country :(
    Great look and I love the light in these photos! :D

  5. awesome!! I follow you now <33

  6. okay after seeing this outfit officially gonna follow your blog !!
    this is soo cute. i just love how your paired it all. the floral skirt is so cute in itself , but then with the knit sweater,
    it just all goes so well ! oh and lets not forget the vintage booties ! i've been looking for a pair like that forever !

    Rei Rei

  7. I really like your shoes and I love how you matched your outfits :)



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