Self Portraits

March 2, 2013

These shots were taken by me with a tripod in my bedroom. Every late afternoon, beams of sunlight shine through the window in the best possible way and illuminate the entire room. Thought I would do something a little different and took some self portraits instead of my usual outfit photos. What do you guys think? Remember awhile back I talked about wanting to cut my hair to shoulder length? Well, moments like these make me want to keep it long.


  1. Oh, so beautifully captured! I love your mermaid-ish hair :)

  2. beautiful photos!!really amazing session xx

  3. Lovely! these are wonderful. The last one is so pretty with the curtain's pattern on your back.

  4. wow, completely angelic.

    Bella -

  5. this is pretty amazing, the early sunlights makes you look stunning and really sweet


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