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January 10, 2013

This is the first time I have ever posted photos of myself in clear lens! Little do people know I am slightly nearsighted. I used to wear them back in school during lectures and now at movies for better viewing purposes haha. Honestly, the only thing I have trouble seeing is the menu on the wall faraway when I go to, for example, Starbucks. I don't wear glasses often because my case of nearsightedness is very mild and I simply don't like the way clear lens look on me. I had my one and only pair of prescription glasses for 13 years until I lost them last year when I went to see Moonrise Kingdom at the theater. I've been on the hunt for a new pair ever since until Firmoo contacted me a couple weeks ago. These half black and half clear glasses totally caught my eyes! I love how they look vintage yet edgy at the same time! They only took 5 days to arrive, good quality and fit great! Oh, and the best part is... Firmoo offers first pair free program! Your first pair is free, you only need to pay for shipping! I highly recommend it! As for my outfit, I went for a preppier look (to match the glasses) with these gorgeous vintage high waisted trousers gifted from Beta Boutique all the way in Latvia! I created a monochromatic look around them with different shades of pink and fuschia.
Scallop collar chiffon blouse by Cotton Candy from my work Sway.
Knit sweater by Coco Roja from my work Sway.
Vintage high waisted trousers by Trevira c/o Beta Boutique.
Colorblock leather satchel from Hong Kong.
Suede heeled oxfords by Promise from UrbanOG.
Half black and half clear glasses c/o Firmoo.


  1. You look great in glasses! I am near-sighted too, and I rarely wear my glasses because I have yet to find a pair I really love. I will check out firmoo!

  2. that shirt is beautiful, really suits you x

  3. such a cute look! i love the whole color palette of your outfit!


  4. Oh I think that they really suit you and they look Stunning whit the whole look.. I used to wear glasses too when I was younger but I stop wearing them and now I think I need them again : (

  5. You look great! I love that top on you. Forever lovely :)

  6. So pretty! The pink is SO stunning together!

    ox from NYC!


  7. The double collar is just adorable !

  8. That top is so wonderful and I enjoy all the pink tones in this outfit :)

  9. The shoes is love. . Your eye glasses looks good on you. I LOVE your selection. Thanks for sharing!

    Optometric Services

  10. The shoes! <3 I really like firmoo eyeglasses, all cute ;)

    from Optometric Services Inc.


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