Roses by the Sea

September 4, 2012

What a fulfilling weekend where I traveled up and down the bay area and central coast! We took a spontaneous trip down to Monterey yesterday, the weather was sunny and beautiful, but the drive there and back was bizarre... a mile of sunshine, a mile of gray sky, a mile of fog, and vice versa. Although the weather was warm, Monterey tends to be windy so I wore a lightweight long sleeves sweater. Perhaps calling it a sweater isn't truly correct, this piece is so light it's more like a knit top than a sweater. Either way, I love the pretty rose print! I also love the shredded distress look as well, makes it a little more interesting. You might not be able to tell, but the top is a little shimmery as well because it has gold metallic threads interwoven in the knit. Since it is such a statement piece, I kept the rest of the outfit simple and monochromatic with crochet shorts, quilted purse, and metal tipped flats.
Rose print knit top c/o VJ Style.
Crochet lace shorts by Lush from my work Sway.
Thrifted vintage quilted purse.
Metal tipped flats from F21.


  1. Love the rose print knit darling and those metallic capped shoes are gorgeous!

    Eda ♥

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  2. I just love everything you wear.


  3. pretty outfit! love your rose print :))

  4. You look amazing. Everything is so classic, yet there is this hint of modernity.


    Indie Punk Goddess

  5. the outfit fits the location so well! lovely :)

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  6. ohhhh my god how i love this outfit!! the dress is gorgeous, but those shoes really make it. newest follower :))

  7. such a beautiful location. i love the metal tipped flats. can't believe they're to be found at forever 21.


  8. Sweet! I love your blog... stalking you from now on :D

  9. Those shoes are fabulous and I love that dress!


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