Golden Seabright

August 31, 2012

Yesterday, I dragged my friend Jane along for a photoshoot because I am trying to get that girl to start a blog (yes, she is really cute and has a great style). We went to Seabright which is just the beach next to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk beach, it's a little quieter and a little nicer. The sun was a perfect blend of soft and bright, the sand was golden, and the ocean was just beautiful. There was also a flock of seagulls hanging out! The location was spontaneous, and coincidentally I was carrying my seashell purse. Can we talk about this gem please? This is one of those things that make your jaw drops when you see it while opening up the new shipment at work. Gold, snakeskin-like texture, in a shape of a seashell??? I couldn't believe my eyes, this purse looks so vintage! Some people aren't too fond of it but I don't care I love it! And of course I had to match the gold with these awesome new glasses I got from ASOS that are completely gold (might be hard to tell from the photos). Lastly, how is everyone enjoying the new banner and layout? Let me know what you think!
Black and white stripes crop top by Misope from GoJane.
White pleated chiffon skirt from F21.
Gold frame sunglasses from ASOS.
Gold seashell purse from my work Sway.
Gold tipped black flats from F21.


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