My Bedroom

June 24, 2012

Spontaneously took these shots the other day... just me, myself, and a tripod. My bedroom gets the best light, usually around 4 o'clock when the sun is softer but still bright. When I was editing the photos, I was debating whether to keep the colors or turn it black and white. I really wanted to show the gorgeous color of this dress gifted to me by Lulu's. But at the same time I also want to focus on all the details only the black and white would capture. I might have lost the vibrant yellow color but at least the cut out details and different textures are emphasized.
PS. You can check out the colored version on my lookbook.


  1. Great pictures, amazing dress!

  2. amazing pictures! Beautiful dress, love the lamp and your left hand side unit too, you have a gorgeous bedroom!

  3. So beautiful photos, amazing dress! Great choice to make the photos black

  4. What a gorgeous dress, and these photos are just ethereal.

    BTW, thank you for those badass cross rings, they came in the mail the other day and I was literally stoked. Winning giveaways is just not on my list of luckiness, but hell ! I sure lucked out this time. Thanks mamacita ! x

  5. amazing dress! these pictures are amazing<3

    following your amazing blog!


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