Bicycle Botanical

June 15, 2012

Oh, how I wish this is my bike! I have an ugly mountain bike which is not picture worthy, but thank goodness for friends with cute bikes though! My dear friend Natalie (who also has a blog and takes most of my photos) let me borrow her vintage JC Penny bike for this spontaneous shoot. I did not plan on taking pictures that day but she insisted and I am glad she did! I love the print on this chiffon top, it reminds me of botanical drawings which are much better than all the typical floral prints out there. And what do you know... I just happen to have the perfect pair of vintage shorts to go with it!
Botanical print chiffon top by Spicy Girls from my work Sway.
Vintage shorts with crochet trim by Cristina from Etsy.
Thrifted vintage two tone leather handbag by Dooney & Bourke.
Tribal print sandals by Sweet Beauty from my work Sway


  1. Glad I stubbled upon your cute blog. I love your style!! Just checked out your store and I love your shoes, but i'm a size 6! Boohoo!! I will definitely come back to shop. =)


  2. You look amazing! Love the style:)

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  4. I just added your site to my favorites. I really enjoy reading your posts. Thanks!MTB


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