Avocado Accent Color

June 8, 2012

A simple vintage dress with a frilly collar paired with a simple handbag with fun accent color. I can't remember where I got this vintage dress from, it's been awhile. All I can remember is how I had shortened and hemmed it myself. I am so in love with this darling handbag gifted by Lulu's! I absolutely adore its avocado accent color, it makes such a great contrast against the dark brown and black body. Despite how the bag looks quite small visually, it is rather roomy... perfect to hold my giant DSLR and many other things! Lastly, I couldn't help it but to wear my vintage Salvatore Ferragamo flats of the exact shade of avocado to be all matchy matchy! Hey I bet you would do the same!
Vintage collar chiffon dress.
Thrifted vintage leather belt.
Avocado accent two tone handbag by Nila Anthony c/o Lulu's.
Vintage bow flats by Salvatore Ferragamo from Etsy.
My drink and my bag are matching!!!
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  1. those vintage shoes are so great! Love how you combined them :) Amazing result! Hope to hear back from you soon ;) xoxo

  2. Omg what a fantastic outfit!! I love how you matched the color so well, and I really really really like your bag :)



  3. That dress is adorable. And I love your hair!


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