A Moment in Time

May 21, 2012

The contrast of my lady like vintage look in this rustic setting is quite interesting. On one hand, my outfit and I seemed out of place. On the other hand, it looks like I was there for a reason. Either way, this shoot was rather spontaneous and I really like how it turned out. I love the periwinkle color of this vintage dress, and with the white polkadots it looks great with all the dark brown accessories! On a different note, I should wear hats more often! I actually have lots of hats but I just never wear them. I ought to change that! Speaking of hat, I want to tell you about the hat I am wearing here. I bought it on Etsy last year for under $20. The label on it says Lilly Daché whom, at the time, I was not familiar with. Recently, I did some research and apparently Lilly Daché was a French milliner and fashion designer. She was kind of a big deal, designed for many Hollywood films, and had many famous clients. Designer Halston even worked for her before starting his own business! Today, her designs and hats are valued highly by collectors of vintage clothing. I had no idea this little hat of mine has such history and story! This is why I love vintage!
Thrifted vintage polkadots dress by Avocado.
Thrifted vintage white leather belt.
Vintage hat by Lilly Daché from Etsy.
Vintage two tone leather handbag by Dooney & Bourke from Etsy.
Two tone cut out oxfords by Dollhouse from UrbanOG.


  1. Gorgeous, I love everything about it, another perfect outfit x x

  2. I love your hat,the perfect touch! :) x


  3. your dress is my dream dress!!!!!


  4. You look gorgeous! Love the polka dots and love your hat!

    Ash :o)


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