Triple Collar and Loafers

April 16, 2012

I love collars! When it's a triple collar, I love it three times more! I was feeling preppy but didn't want to look too preppy. So, I stuck to a perfectly matching outfit of collar and loafers but threw on a pair of high waisted acid wash jeans to edge up the look. I finally got my hands on these Jeffrey Campbell College loafers. I have been wanting them for the longest time but I can't justify paying over a hundred for a pair of flats. It just doesn't seem right to me that a pair of flats cost almost as much as a pair of heels or wedges. So, when these babies finally went on sale, I snatched them up, for 50 bucks! However, my story does not end here. So, when my package arrived that one day, I eagerly opened up the box to find a different pairs of JC loafers, the Academy and not the College I had ordered. I couldn't believe my order got messed up and since the College loafers are completely sold out, I had lost hope and thought to myself that I will never find another pair. Long story short, apparently my pair of College and a pair of Academy got switched boxes! What are the odds? Whew! They were meant to be mine afterall...
Triple collar blouse from Hong Kong.
Raspberry ruched knit sweater from F21.
High waisted acid wash jeans by Just USA from my work Sway.
Vintage two tone leather satchel by Dooney & Bourke from Etsy.
Jeffrey Campbell College loafers from Eilatan.


  1. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE those jeans!! The loafers are so cute too!

  2. the blue background was perfect for this outfit! it compliments it so well!!!!

  3. That collar, this outfit, your shoes are precious. I adore you, this post, and your blog. Your beauty and your talent are overwhelming.

  4. your loathers...i die! fab as always xx

  5. amazing outfit, I love the over-sized collars of the top! :) xx.

  6. LOVE this outfit, the colours work so well and the collars on your top are fabulous!


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