Ruched and Rouge

March 8, 2012

It's been awhile since I came across such an unique piece of vintage clothing. I found this cape coat on etsy last week and I had to have it. The velvet material is so soft and comfy, the rusty red color is gorgeous, and the coat is shaped so amazingly that I just want to spin around in it! As much as I love the look of capes, I am not a fan of wearing one. It just feels a little constricting and awkward. This vintage piece looks like a cape but it is actually a coat!!! How perfect! You might not be able to tell from the photos but there are giant buttons down front and you slide the end piece through the loop to create that knot like effect. I especially love the ruched details. Another amazing element of this coat is the fact that you can wear the collar folded over your shoulders or up like little red riding hood! This was such a great find!
Vintage velvet cape coat by Yen Club from Etsy.
Peter pan collar bird print dress by Audrey.
Vintage leather mary janes from Etsy.
Black satchel from my work Sway.


  1. Velvet I like!! the color is precious, love the print of your dress :D

  2. You're the cutest little red riding hood on earth!

  3. That cape is soo awesome and looks really cosy! Great Etsy find!

  4. I LOVE that cape! As soon as I saw the picture showing it's hood I fell in love! So cute.

    -Living Mannequin

  5. cute cape, and cute birdie print under it!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  6. Great outfit. Those are the best little shoes and that cape is ridiculous (in a good way).

  7. you have such a lovely style :)

    I'm definitely following*

  8. This looks so cute! I love the cape!

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    mia from HEYLILAHEY

  9. Goodness, what a beautiful cape! <3 I love the deep colour on you, and the shape is truly perfection!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  10. Lovely look!! we follow you!!
    visit our blog!!

  11. I love that cape! It's adorable :)

    - Victoria


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