Leather and Neutral

March 16, 2012

Sorry for the lack of outfits lately, it's been raining all week and it is rather difficult to try to take photos when...
1) it is wet everywhere
2) there isn't any nice indoor location to shoot at (especially when I prefer natural lighting)
3) wearing not-so-exciting shoes since I don't want to ruin the awesome ones in the rain
4) trying to balance holding an umbrella and camera

Today, fortunately, the rain stopped for a moment and I was able to take some quick shots of me layering up in leather and neutral tones. I love this blazer, camel wool blend material with black leather collar and sleeves! Thought I would tone it down with a simple sweater underneath and then edge it up again with leather stirrups and lace up boots.
Two tone wool and leather blazer from F21.
Thrifted vintage cowl neck sweater.
Leather stirrup leggings from Hong Kong.
Ribbed leather clutch from my work Sway.
Cuffed lace up boots from F21.


  1. Love those boots! The back is cute too. =^..^=

  2. i totally love the bow on that clutch so darling

    xo kaitlin

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