Clowder of Cats

December 5, 2011

I love cats... so obviously I had to have these exclusive Jeffrey Campbell Damsel in cat tapestry. The cat tapestry design comes in the form of Lita, Lana, and Damsel. After some serious thinking, I settled on the Damsel. I said no to the Lita because I already have the Lita in beige floral tapestry, and no to the Lana because I am not too fond of the open heel in the back. These shoes are so amazing! They are gorgeous and they give me such great height, from 5'2" all the way to 5'8". Oh, and look at those stitched details in the back! I am in love, even my two lovely kitties approved! As for the coat, I first saw the two tone design exactly a year ago on Pixie Market but it was sold out before I could purchase one. I have been dreaming about it ever seen... luckily, a month or so ago I saw a similar design on ASOS with the contrasting color and texture! It was meant to be afterall!

Two tone fur coat from ASOS.Thrifted vintage half polkadots half sheer blouse.
Leggings from F21.Jeffrey Campbell Damsel in cat tapestry from Eilatan.Stone rings from F21.
Amethyst ring from etsy.


  1. Oh my gosh! That coat is so great! It also looks awesome with the cat damsel. Hose are amazing and they look comfy.
    I loooove my tardy. They're amazing quality, they really comfy and they just look so cooool! I definitely recommend them.

  2. I just commented your lookbook. Feel the need to comment about your coat again. I want it ha.
    Its a great find. Looks incredibly comfortable.
    great blog.

  3. it seriously was mean't to be, you look amazing! i'm a J.C fanatic myself, so i'm automatically biased when i say how much i adore this outfit!

    following xx

  4. LOVE this outfit and that cat print is AMAZING. By the way, what are you wearing on your nails? I love that color..

  5. Hello, happy day.. Fantastic shoes..
    And your look is beautiful.

  6. Love everything here, Im so jalous of ur JCs =)

  7. Love the shoes!!

    Follow each other?


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